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Jonah Kissoon - Guitarist/Vocalist

Alex Tarsitano - Drummer/Backup Vocalist

Amika Gravendick - Bassist/Vocalist

Chris Caceres - Bassist/Guitarist

Set List

In 2017, four unique talents came together under the moniker Wooly. Their formative year was structured around the writing and production of their Debut EP. In early 2018, "Time to Grow" was born alongside an accompanying tour. It represented a labour of love, as every part of the release was planned, handcrafted and promoted by Wooly themselves. In the spirit of song, Wooly followed this release with a self-produced live series entitled "Wooly Wilderness" featuring raw renditions of their most recent creations.

Wooly represents a collaboration of unique musical talents brought together through a common vision. Their music and lyrics are innovative, energetic, and insightful presenting a fresh view of the human experience and evoking a range of visceral responses. Emerging from diverse musical experiences and influences, members strive to present a fusion of folk, jazz, rock and alternative that is truly original.

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